online store

DATE 2019

Action plan: To study the target audience. To study competitors. To analyze foreign experience. To develop a website prototype based on the analytical data. Website design.

A problem of the previous website version was its unsuitability of modern tendencies towards convenience of design. It was difficult for potential customers to find a necessary detail or spare part. So the difficult navigation forced them to leave the website.

What we made

Home page

It was made in such a way to make sure a user going to the website could do a convenient search of a necessary spare part

Convenient search filter

The choice is offered out of the list or self-input with tips

Catalogue of goods

Based on the target audience analysis the necessary characteristics were included in product cards. According to them a user looks for an engine needed. Those are a price, mileage, volume, year, type, country as well as information if it is in stock or a preorder is needed

Product card

Cart / Placing an order

The system checks the correctness of the form filling in. The green – the form was filled in correctly, the red – wrong. A tip appears for a user for incorrect filling in

Mobile version