Hello! Прывітанне! Привет!

I am Tim, the art director of Ultrablack branding studio. More 9 years of experience in graphic design.

We develop and specialize in visual identity for technology companies and work with clients all over the world.


We create not just a beautiful design, but also a visual identity filled with meaning and idea. Each of our projects should reflect the essence of the company and show its value to a customer.

We believe and build our relationship with a client on mutual trust to achieve the best result.

I believe in and value people who understand the importance of design to their company, and I aspire to work with such people.

Let’s go beyond the boundaries and push the limits.

Tim Neborsky

What we do

Visual identity   Brand Guide   Brand collateral design   Marketing material   Packaging   Art-direction   Web design

Visual identity  /  Brand Guide  /  Brand collateral design  /  Marketing material  /  Packaging  /  Art-direction  /  Web design

Our implemented projects to create brand identity

Our implemented projects to create brand identity